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This powerful reimagining of Jane Eyre, set in a modern-day law firm, is full of romance and hope as it follows the echoing heartbeats of the classic story.

A former foster kid, Jane has led a quiet, solitary life as a waitress in the suburbs, working hard to get by. Tired of years of barely scraping a living, Jane takes night classes to become a legal assistant, and soon accepts a job offer at a distinguished law firm in downtown Toronto. Everyone at the firm thinks she is destined for failure because her boss is the notoriously difficult Edward Rosen, majority stakeholder at Rosen, Haythe & Thornfield LLP. But, Jane has known far worse trials and refuses to back down when economic freedom is so close at hand.

Edward has never been able to keep an assistant—he’s too loud, too messy, too ill-tempered. But there’s something about the quietly competent, delightfully sharp-witted Jane that intrigues him. As their orbits overlap, their feelings begin to develop—first comes fondness, and then something more. But when Edward’s secrets put Jane’s independence in jeopardy, she must face long-ignored ghosts of her past and decide if opening her heart is a risk worth taking.

Jane & Edward is published by Berkley, part of the Penguin Random House Family